Workshop: Center of Excellence in Simulation and Data Science - Benefits for Cypriot Enterprises

Mr Antonis AniftosMr. Antonis AniftosMr. Consantinos KarageorgisMr. Consantinos KarageorgisProf. Constantia AlexandrouProf. Constantia AlexandrouProf. Morris RiedelProf. Morris RiedelProf. Morris RiedelDr. Theodoros KyprianouDr. Theodoros KyprianouDr. Kleanthis NicolaidisDr. Kleanthis NicolaidisDr. Marina Solomidou-IeronimidouDr. Marina Solomidou-IeronimidouDr. Symeon KassianidesDr. Symeon KassianidesDr. Symeon KassianidesDr. Zenon TheodosiouDr. Zenon Theodosiou

The Computation-based Science and Technologyh Research Center of the Cyprus Institute and the Cyprus Productivity Center (CPC) is organizing a workshop on "Center of Excellence in Simulation and Data Science - Benefits for Cypriot Enterprises", to be held on 03 May 2018, from 09:00 to 14:00, at the premises of the Institute Cyprus and CPC (see the program for details).

The workshop is addressed to businesses that can take advantage of the latest developments in advanced computing and data analytics. 

The benefits for Cypriot Enterpises from the Center of Excellence are multiple: 

  • Education and training of a modern workforce to exploit structured data (e.g. numerical data) and unstructured data (e.g. texts, images, videos).
  • Access to consulting services for more efficient data management and investment planning in IT infrastructure. 
  • Greater engagement of businesses in research and innovation that aims to improve their products and services, to extract useful information from their clients' profiles, personalized marketing.
  • Access to national and European funding to implement projects jointly with the Center to promote business competitiveness in local and European markets.
  • Networking opportunities through CaSToRC business partner programs such as the Jülich Research Center in Germany and the NCSA of the US National Center for Supercomputing and Applications.

Participation in the workshop will give companies and organizations the opportunity to get informed about the European project of upgrading CaSToRC into a Center of Excellence and to formulate their training, services and infrastructure needs in relation to big data analytics to be included in the strategic planning of the upgrading of the Center.

The European project SIMDAS, launched in September 2017, aims at upgrading CaSToRC (Coordinator) to a Center or Excellence in Simulation and Data Science. This upgrade will be done in collaboration with the Jülich research center in Germany, which has one of the world's most powerful supercomputers. The project is one of 30 projects selected among more than 200 proposals to compete in the second phase to secure financing for a period of 7 years and co-financing by the Cypriot government for another 8 years.

Project Partners: The Ministry of Health through the Intensive Care Clinic of Nicosia General Hospital, the Department of Meteorology, the Department of Antiquities as well as two SMEs: Hyperion and SignalGeneriX complete the project consortium.

Organizing Committee



  • Maria Nicolaou
  • George Horattas    
  • Andreas Stylianou
  • Pavlos Panayi
  • Andreas Polydorou



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