Seven partners will be involved in the implementation of the SIMDAS CoE project complementing each other’s expertise. Both CaSToRC and FZJ carry out research activities, operate an HPC national infrastructure, engage in emerging data-intensive sciences, and provide user support, the latter at a much larger scale and recognized excellence. Partners are also three government departments, which will make available data that otherwise will be inaccessible in three different application areas. Two SMEs will define tangible products that utilized data knowhow, a component necessary for the innovation growth path targeted by the Teaming call.  The consortium is optimally chosen as briefly explained below:


CaSToRC/CyI (Coordinator) has pioneered research and educational activities in computational sciences, and has been serving the users communities, including the EM region, in terms of advanced computational infrastructure and user support.




FZJ (Teaming partner) has the assembled expertise and excellence required for the upgrade of the research division of CaSToRC to a SIMDAS CoE, covering the thematic areas with its associated SimLabs and bringing in the interdisciplinarity of its cross-sectional groups, the imaging techniques of the Human Brain Project and the innovation experience of its SIDL and industry relations team. Department of Antiquities is a key data provider of archeological data being responsible for the management of the archaeological heritage of Cyprus. It has an MoU with STARC with collaborative activities with the faculty members who will lead the DCH applications.  DoA promotes the use of both ancient monuments and archaeological museums for educational purposes and cultural activities, as well as for the stimulation of cultural tourism, which can impact positively the very important to Cyprus tourist industry. The Department of Meteorology, responsible for the weather prediction in Cyprus, has an MoU with CaSToRC, which provides computational resources for the daily forecast. It is an essential partner that will provide access to observational data and help prepare policy measures for climate change and communicate them to the appropriate stakeholders.


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The Intensive Care Unit of the Nicosia General Hospital is a reference unit for the entire country, receiving critically ill patients from public and private Hospitals from all over Cyprus. Using state-of-the-art instruments ICU-NGH continuously collects data from patients that will be made available for both innovative research on TBI and for improving the treatment of patients. This partner thus brings an application highly relevant for health, which constitutes a key S3Cy with innovation potential. Hyperion Systems Engineering is a globally operating, independent provider of consulting and advisory services, systems engineering solutions and professional implementation services and support to process manufacturers in the hydrocarbons and chemicals and the power generation industries. HSE has identified commercial opportunities in consulting food manufacturers and SMEs in the hospitality sector, with regards to quality control, production efficiency and resources management leveraging the data collection and data management services that will be developed by the SIMDAS project. SignalGeneriX is involved in Research and Development with a broad portfolio of IPR covering Smart Sensors, Medical Systems, Defense Systems and Communications. SGX has identified commercial opportunities in delivering a security awareness platform utilizing its Wireless Sensor Network Remote Monitoring platform (WiSENSE), coupled with the competencies developed by the SIMDAS project